Generating Opportunity CIC

'How To' - Videos

Generating Opportunity CIC is a creative wellbeing project in Perth, Scotland, working with people who use support. We use the medium of the creative arts, including photography, drawing and painting, crafting, creative writing, reminiscence activity and film to deliver activities which encourage people to express themselves, dream big and get the most from life. We work with artists, crafters, musicians and makers, to widen involvement and participation. This is our 'How To' video section where participants can view short films of activities.

Our 'How To' Video Selection

How to make Watercolour Wreaths with Anne Marie

Christmas Wreath Challenge

How to create Mosaics

How to make Party Decorations

How to Paint using Watercolours

Marbling with Shaving Foam and Clingfilm

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How to create Paper Collage

How to make your own clay elephant

How to do Weaving

How to make a Rag Rug and Hedgehog

Marbling with Bruce Shaw

How to make a Jute Bracelet

How to make a Personal Storyboard

How to Release your Inner Poet

How to tell and share Your Story

How to paint Rainbows!

How to paint in the style of Jolomo.

Get Snapping! with The Strathearn Snapper

How to Paint your Favourite Photo

How to Print with Vegetables